Right to Keep & Bear Arms

Our right to bear arms is a fundamental right that protects our other rights.  I have Cosponsored HB117 to repeal "Gun Free Zones" and HB174 SAPA. I will not only defend our 2nd Amendment but work to expand those protections. 

Private Property Rights

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness often starts with our own personal property.  I sponsored HB0139 Protection of Wyoming Land & Water Resources and HB0140 Conservation Easements Amendments. I will always be a staunch defender of your right to keep government and regulatory agencies from telling you what to do with your property.

Right to Life

The right to life is one of our most fundamental tenets and one of the top Republican values.  I will continue to Stand Up for the sanctity of life, from conception to natural death.

I cosponsored SF0083 Prohibiting Chemical Abortions, SF0089 Child Protection - Dangerous Drugs, HB0134 Human heartbeat protection act, and HB0235 Human life protection act.

I received The Platinum Award by Wyoming Right to Life in 2021, their highest award..

Local Control of Education

If elected I will support efforts to keep education control locally.  Parents should be able to make decisions about their own children's education.

Abolish Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is an issue that seems to grow daily.  As a Wyoming Representative, I am working with other legislators and government agencies to stop this heinous crime.

First Amendment

Whether it is our freedom of speech, freedom of religion or freedom to gather, our 1st Amendment rights have been under unprecedented attack.  I am a vocal supporter of these rights. 

Financial Responsibility

Going into 2020 we had grave concerns with a tighter budget and reorganizing our agencies and offices.  250 - 350 million worth of cuts. 

 2021, 2022 have experienced massive influxes of Federal monies that ultimately come from our communities, our businesses, our property, our savings, and our pocketbooks.   

Our government expenditures are spectacular! Something akin to the behaviors of 2008.  I believe that we must work to not only decrease spending, but also decrease taxes and balance our budget.  

I cosponsored HB256 Wyoming Sovereignity Act, 2021.  This bill would get some rules in place.  Hope to bring it again.  

Eliminate Burdensome Regulations

I believe that if our businesses are to thrive we must get government out of the way.  I will continue to uphold my promise to vote against burdensome and unnecessary regulations.

I cosponsored SF0069 Property tax limits, HB0027 Severance Tax reduction - coal,  & HB146 Personal property depreciation. 

Uphold the Wyoming Republican Party Platform

Running as a Republican, in Wyoming, is an honor.  I believe in our Party Platforms and helped to create them in my position as an elected  Precinct Committeewoman for 10 years and the Fremont County Republican Chairman for 2 consecutive terms.  My voting record shows that the tenets voted on by the Grass Roots in Wyoming are my values.