Right to Bear Arms

Our right to bear arms is a fundamental right that protects our other rights.  If elected I will not only defend our 2nd Amendment but work to expand those protections. 

Private Property Rights

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness often starts with our own personal property.  If elected I will always be a staunch defender of your right to keep government from telling you what to do with your property.

Right to Life

The right to life is one of our most important Republican values.  I want to make a promise to you that if elected I will always stand up for the sanctity of life, from conception to natural death.

Local Control of Education

If elected I will support efforts to keep education control locally.  Parents should be able to make decisions about their own children's education.

Abolish Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is an issue that seems to grow daily.  As a Wyoming Representative, I will work with other legislators and government agencies to stop this heinous crime.

First Amendment

Whether it is our freedom of speech, freedom of religion or freedom to gather, our 1st Amendment rights have been under unprecedented attack.  If elected I will be a vocal supporter of these rights. 

Financial Responsibility

As our state struggles with shortfalls, decreased income and use of savings, I believe that we must work to not only decrease spending, but also decrease taxes and balance our budget.  

Eliminate Burdensome Regulations

I believe that if our businesses are to thrive we must get government out of the way.  If elected I will uphold my promise to vote against burdensome and unneccessary regulations.

Uphold the Wyoming Republican Party Platform

For me, running as a Republican is a privilege.  I believe in our Party Platforms and if elected will uphold them when making voting decisions.